How to add a custom login form with User Meta Pro

With User meta pro you can customize your login page and use it too. A site that has multi-user can have a login page from which every user can log in with their credentials. User meta pro has builtin form field so that a user can make a login form very easily. Follow the steps to create your login form:

Go to User Meta >> Forms from the dashboard side panel. Here you will find totally form list and Add New button in the top left corner. The total view of this page presented in the picture below. Alright, now click the button Add New.

Give the name of your form in the Enter name field. On the right side, we have many builtin fields that you can add to your form by selecting them. Select what file you want to include in the filed. as an example: you can include a UserName, Password field. You can also change or add Field Label, Label Position, Placeholder, Description. Here in the picture below, we give the name of the form is “login”, added Username and password field from WordPress Default fields. If you have done with adding fields you can save the changes by clicking in the Save Changes button. Congratulations!! you have just created your login form.

Now its time to use this login form to your WordPress site. User meta gives a default shortcode [user-meta-login] for login purposes. besides this user, meta pro gives more shortcodes for deferent purposes. Go to Pages from the WordPress side panel. Enter to a page and paste the shortcode to the page. Save the page.

Now, go to User Meta>>settings and enter into the login tab. Select the login page from the drop-down and save it.

Congratulations!! the whole process is complete. you can go to your page URL and check the form. Try to logout then log in. 









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