How to disable wp-login and use your login form instead with User Meta Pro

User Meta Pro comes with a default login page for your website. You can use your login page with User Meta Pro and can disable the wp-login system from the plugin. 

First, install User Meta Pro from your wp dashboard. Then go to settings of User Meta from the dashboard side panel. 

img-01: User Meta Settings

Here you can find a settings panel. From there go to the login tab and click to Create Page button. The functionality of this button is to create a page with [user-meta-login] shortcode in it. you can check Pages and you will find a Login Page.

img-02: Create Login Page


Now go to settings >> login you will find a check the box Disable default login URL, check it and it will disable the wp-login page and activate the User Meta Pro login system. Save changes from the bottom of the page.

img-03: Disable wp-login

User-meta Pro also has some additional settings to redirect pages. The default is set to the admin dashboard. You can change these settings if you want.


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