Why you should get User Meta Pro for your WordPress profile builder user management solution

Every multiuser WordPress website face the problem of managing all of its user and their profile. Thinking of this problem User Meta Pro comes with a complete solution. Whether its a user login system or user profile design User Meta Pro it’s very handy. Here you should know a few things about this plugin.

Based on user feedback user meta pro is on top of user management plugins. It comes up with all basic features related to user management with a higher degree of functionalities. It has many options for a user and its not complicated at all. UX of user-meta pro differs from the rest of plugin.

Starting with basic login and registration form built with just dropdown, a user has all sorts of freedom to use his/her page as they want. Role-based user creation is a lot easier with User Meta Pro. Follow the well-written documentation and you are ready to use it in a few minutes.

So what feature user meta pro have?

  • It allows the user to update their profile on the front-end.
  • Add extra fields to the custom user profiles.
  • Front-end user registration by shortcode.
  • Add extra fields to custom user registration.
  • Add profile link to users’ listing page.
  • Fields and forms editor to customize front-end user profile and registration.
  • Create unlimited forms for custom user registration or profile.
  • Show a role-based user profile. Users from different roles can see different profile form.
  • Users can register their accounts with different roles by using the different registration forms.
  • Show user avatar to profile and registration page (both ajax and non ajax).
  • Modify default email sender information (Let your user get an email from your preferred name and email instead of wordpress@example.com)

The light version of user meta contains all this feature which makes life easy. And don’t worry about getting started with it. User meta pro has well-written documentation along with video tutorials to help you. Check https://user-meta.com/ for all kinds of support. 

Premium version User Meta Pro sets this plugin to the next level. It offers extra add ons like Export BuddyPress xProfile, WPML Integration, Switch filter or action hooks, Override default WP emails,
Personalize default User Meta forms, User Listing.

All these features allow an admin to handle thousands of users very easily and give proper control over your website. As an admin of your website, you will feel in complete control with User Meta Pro. Try it and unlock the next phage of your website.

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