How to add extra columns to the admin user list dashboard

User Meta Pro has add-ons from which an admin can customize his/her user table in the dashboard. the add-on is called User Listing.

First, You have to install user meta in your WordPress dashboard. Go to User Meta >> Add-ons you will find user listing. Turn on the switch of the add-on to activate it. Now click to options to enter the panel of the add-on.

img-01: User List Add-on switch on

In the panel, you will find 3 tabs: Frontend setup, Shortcode Guide, Backend Setup. Click to Backend Setup and you will find Add Column (UMP Shared Field) to Backend User List, Exclude Default Column from Backend User List.

img-02: Backend Settings

Add Column (UMP Shared Field) to Backend User List: this option adds a column to your user list table. check the dropdown option you will see there are many columns to include.

Exclude Default Column from Backend User List: Mainly WordPress has some default fields which are already in the table. This option can remove those default fields from your user list table so that you can have a table like you want.

img-03: Backend settings options


img-04: Including column


img-05: Excluding column

Configure The two options like you want, after that check the user list in User >> All users.

img-06: Backend user list


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